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The project is modern online store based on the CMS system, the purpose of which is to sell healthy food. This website offers convenient and secure online shopping thanks to an advanced online payment system.


One of the most important technical aspects Web page is the ease of managing the product offer. The store allows you to quickly add new products to the offer, as well as easily and intuitively manage existing products. Thanks to this, store management is simpler and more effective.


Website has also been designed with customers in mind to quickly and easily find the products they need. Thanks to the advanced search engine, buyers can quickly find the products they are interested in, which translates into a better shopping experience.


It is also worth noting that website was designed with SEO optimization in mind. Thanks to this, the store is easily found by potential customers in search engines, which translates into more visits and sales.


Additionally, online shop also offers advanced functionalities related to integration with delivery systems. Thanks to this, the customer can conveniently and easily order products, and then track their way to their destination.


To sum up, the project is an innovative online store that offers convenient and safe shopping of healthy food online. This website offers easy product offer management, an intuitive search engine, advanced functionalities related to integration with delivery systems and SEO optimization.


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