A landing page is a website that has been designed and optimized to attract as many users as possible and encourage them to perform a specific action, such as purchasing a product or filling out a contact form.

One of the key technical aspects of a landing page is responsiveness. This means that the site is optimized to be displayed on various devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. This allows users to easily browse and use the site no matter what device they are using.

The landing page is usually easy to manage thanks to the CMS (content management system) panel. The CMS allows the website owner to easily add, remove and edit content such as texts, images and videos.

The contact form is also an important element of a landing page that allows users to contact the website owner or take another action, such as subscribing to a newsletter. A contact form can be designed to collect specific information from users, such as name, surname, email address or phone number.

Google map is another element that can be added to a landing page. The map can help users find the location of a business or outlet. Google map can also be optimized for responsiveness which allows users to easily view the map on different devices.

Main functionalities

Responsiveness, CMS panel, Contact form, Google map.

Contact form


Google map


CMS system





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