Our company deals with building websites, and our basic product is a website consisting of up to 5 tabs. Here is a brief description of the technical aspects of our offer:

  1. CMS panel: Each website we create is equipped with a CMS (Content Management System) panel, thanks to which customers can easily and conveniently manage the content of their website. The CMS panel allows you to edit content, add new pages, manage the menu and gallery, and many other functionalities.

  2. Contact Form: Our website includes a contact form that allows customers to easily contact us. This form is fully functional and allows you to conveniently send messages directly to our employees.

  3. Menus up to 5 tabs: Our basic page consists of up to 5 tabs, which are conveniently arranged in a navigation menu. This menu is easy to use and provides quick access to all sections of the site.

  4. Gallery Module: Our site includes a gallery module that allows customers to add photos and other multimedia to their site. This module allows you to easily add, delete and edit photos and also allows customers to create different categories and albums.

  5. Google Map: Our website includes an interactive Google map that allows customers to easily find our headquarters or other location of their choice. This map is fully functional and allows you to easily move around the map and zoom in and out.

To sum up, our basic website offer consists of many functionalities that will allow our customers to easily and conveniently manage their website. We offer comprehensive technical service and support if needed.

Main functionalities

CMS panel, contact form, menu up to 5 tabs, gallery module, google map

CMS panel


Gallery module



up to 5 tabs

Google map




Contact form



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