How to build an online store in WooCommerce and effectively handle online payments?

Building an online store is for many entrepreneurs a step towards developing their business. One of the most popular solutions for this purpose is WooCommerce – a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create online stores. In combination with online payments, such a solution can significantly facilitate sales management and increase its scale.


Here are some tips to set up your WooCommerce online store and start accepting online payments:

  1. Choose the right hosting – for the store to run smoothly, it is worth choosing a hosting that offers enough space on the server and fast page loading.
  2. Install the WooCommerce plugin - it's a basic tool that will allow you to create an online store and handle online payments.
  3. Configure settings - after installing the plugin, go to the Settings tab and adjust the store parameters to your needs. Among other things, you can specify the currencies in which payments will be made, as well as shipping and payment methods.
  4. Add products - in the menu Shop -> Products you can add new products to your store. Specify their name, description, photo and price.
  5. Choose a payment provider - to enable customers to make online payments, you need to choose a payment provider, e.g. PayU, PayPal or Przelewy24. Each of the suppliers has its advantages and disadvantages, it is worth comparing their offers and choosing the best one for your business.
  6. Configure payments - after selecting a payment provider, you need to configure payment parameters, such as transaction processing costs or methods of accepting payments.
  7. Test the store - before launching the store, it's a good idea to test it on different devices and make sure everything works properly.

WooCommerce is a tool that allows you to easily create online stores and handle online payments. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs can sell their products online and increase their profits. The application of the above tips will allow you to set up an online store quickly and effectively and will allow you to easily handle online payments.


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