How to create an effective landing page? Best practices for simple websites

A landing page is an essential element of any marketing campaign. This is where users are directed from advertisements, e-mails or social media. That is why it is so important that it is effective and user-friendly. In this article, we will present the best practices for creating simple landing pages in WordPress.

  1. Simple and legible layout It is important that the landing page is clear and legible. Recipients should have no problem finding key information on the page. For this reason, you should pay attention to the arrangement of elements on the page so that they are easily accessible and visible.
  2. A clear offer A landing page should have a clear offer that is clearly presented on the page. The recipient must know what the offer is about and what they will gain by clicking on the link.
  3. Short form The purpose of a landing page is to collect data about users. However, the form should not be too long. The more fields, the greater the chance that the user will resign from filling out the form. Therefore, it is worth limiting the number of fields to a minimum.
  4. Visual attention grabbing Landing page should stand out from other pages. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to visual elements that will attract the attention of the recipient. It can be colorful graphics, animation or an effective headline.
  5. Page loading speed Nowadays, when users expect fast page loading, it is worth making sure that the landing page works efficiently and loads quickly. To achieve this effect, you can use page optimization plugins.
  6. Testing and measuring the effectiveness The last, but not least, step is testing and measuring the effectiveness of the landing page. This allows you to find out which elements work best and which ones need to be improved. Tools such as Google Analytics or Hotjar can be used to measure effectiveness.

To sum up, a simple and clear landing page is the key to success in a marketing campaign. It is worth taking care of a few basic elements, such as a clear offer, a short form or visual attention. Thanks to this, the landing page will attract the attention of users and will allow for effective collection of data about recipients.


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